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Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100

Wireless alarm systems are taking over. They're easier to install than the hardwired alternatives, they're extremely versatile, and they're ideal for the DIY enthusiast.

With its easy-to-use touchscreen keypad, endless communication options and myriad accessories, the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 brings together all the best in wireless alarm technologies. Featuring everything you need to establish a fully equipped home security system for very little money, this is just what you need for maximum home control and automation.

Security is just the tip of the iceberg. With the Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100, you can control lighting, thermostats, door locks and more. The device integrates with your home WiFi connection with the help of the WiFi communications module (sold separately), and you can even manage the device from your smartphone or PC. In this all-inclusive kit, you'll find:

1 - LYNX L5100 Touch Control Panel / Keypad
1 - 5800PIR-RES Wireless Pet Immune Motion Detector
1 - 5834 Wireless Key Remote
3 - 5816 Door / Window Transmitters
1 - Nickel-Metal Hydride Battery Pack
1 - 9VDC Transformer 2.7A Power Supply
1 - Instructional DVD

So if your home is in need of a technological facelift, but you don't want to spend a fortune on an overpriced and underperforming security system, it's time to make a change. Order your Honeywell Lynx Touch 5100 today, and bring your home into the 21st century with superior home security and automation.