Protect your home and property with a security system from eyewitness security system service inc. Monitoring service starting as low as 90 cents per day

Remote Home Security Access

eSecureSM remote access puts you in control of your home security system at all times, day or night—from anywhere . With eSecure you can enjoy your busy lifestyle knowing your home is always safe. Remotely access and control your security system, lighting, door locks, thermostat, cameras and video from your computer or smartphone. eSecure is compatible with most web-enabled PCs, Android phones and tablets, as well as iPhones, iPads or iPods.

Benefits of Remote Home Security & Control:

  • Enjoy remote access to your home security system from anywhere in the world
  • eSecure is a great addition for homes that may not be occupied all day or on weekends—perfect for working couples, executives on the go or people with a weekend home.
  • Save money on your energy bill by controlling your thermostat and lights with home automation—you could save up to $255 on your electric bill in one year just by automating dimmers and timers for 10 light bulbs *

With eSecure You Can:

  • Control your alarm system, receive texts or emails when important events happen
  • Watch live video of your home, family and property from anywhere
  • Let a neighbor, friend or service worker into your home with remote door lock controls
  • See your kids come home from school via your computer or cell phone
  • Keep tabs on your home when you’re away with real-time email or text alerts
  • Know instantly if off-limit areas like medicine, liquor or gun cabinets have been accessed
  • Check up on your pets to make sure they are not getting into trouble
  • Stay closely connected to elderly relatives who live independently but may require extra care and attention
  • See if your children are doing their homework or playing video games, and know when they come and go

Wireless Keyfobs

We offer a variety of products to operate your intrusion detection systems including key fobs for remote home security monitoring and simple arming and disarming. The wireless keys offer a sleek, compact design and an LED verification that the system has been alarmed or disabled. The different versions also allow programmable functions for greater convenience. With multiple features, our remote home security fobs set Protection 1 apart from the competition, all while providing users with added dimensions of simplicity, comfort, and peace of mind.

5834 Wireless Keyfob Family Includes:

  • Remote home security monitoring with LED indicators
  • Recessed keys to prevent false alarms
  • Remote Icons with simple and easy functionality
  • Uses lithium batteries
  • LEDs let you know:
    • The transmission has been sent
    • There is a low battery alert
    • Encryption mode has been activated
  • Compatible with both high security and standard modes
  • Three different remote models
  • Up to 8 programmable functions with the four button models (5834-4EN & 5834-4)