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Wireless Smoke Detectors

Our wireless smoke detectors incorporate a built-in wireless transmitter complete with a lithium powered, smoke and heat detector, with photo-electronic capabilities. These advanced technologies allow for our wireless smoke detectors to outperform conventional fire alarm monitoring devices. In addition, the transmitter feature can send alarm, tamper, maintenance, and battery condition signals to the system's receiver. Also, there is no need to worry about the annoying alarms some detectors release, smoothing algorithms minimize any nuisance alarms for these wireless smoke detectors.

Installation allows for an easy and pain free process. No drills or wires are needed for our wireless smoke detectors to run. So you can protect your home or building without having to drill into it. All models also feature a built-in, restorable, fixed temperature detector, that can detect when the temperature is below 41°F, and sense a pre-freeze condition.

Fire Alarm Monitoring Features:
  • A signal is directed to the control panel when the wireless smoke detector needs cleaning
  • Automatic detector sensitivity adjustments
  • Approved UL Listings for Residential and Commercial Applications
  • LED status indicators
  • Easy to install and mount
Additional Features:
  • Only one long life 3V lithium battery needed
  • Built-in wireless transmitter
  • Maintenance signal is fully compliable with the sensitivity test approved by UL